3 Pieces of Advice to Throw a Stress-Free Child’s Birthday Party

3 Pieces of Advice to Throw a Stress-Free Child’s Birthday Party

When you have children, you have to decide at some point, what you will do for their birthday. Will you have quiet family gatherings or will you throw large parties for all of their friends? It could be a mixture, depending on their age and what they would like. But if you have decided to go down the party route, what will you decide to do? It can be fun to plan a children’s birthday party but also a little stressful. So here are some things that I think are great tips for throwing a kid’s party.




Plan Well in Advance


The key to not getting stressed out over it all is to plan well in advance. So around three months before their birthday, it is a good idea to decide what they want to do. Will the party have a theme? What kind of party will it be? From there you can decide on a location and what will be best for the date. It often works best if it isn’t on the actual day of their birthday. When you have made these decisions, you can get the invites out. It eliminates stress if you know well in advance who will be coming. So be sure to put a RSVP date on the invite. When you have all of the invites back, it is easier to plan the finer details like catering or party bags. Allow yourself as much time as you need for this kind of thing. If you’d rather have a couple of weeks to sort it all out, then give yourself a couple of weeks. Everyone else will be so impressed with how organised you are!


Plan the Decorations


If you have a specific theme in mind, then you might need specific party supplies. If your daughter wants a princess party, then you are going to need princess party supplies. This can be planned as far ahead as you would like. They are the things that can be bought as you go along, and stored in a cupboard. There are a lot of party ideas and decorating ideas on websites like Pinterest. So have a browse to give yourself some inspiration.


Make an Itinerary for the Day


It is a good idea to plan out the actual birthday party day itself. You might have things like making or collecting a cake in the morning, then decorating in the afternoon. Then the actual party needs to be planned itself. You don’t need to give yourself a time schedule that is too strict. You just want to make sure that everything happens that you have planned. If you have a DJ or a children’s entertainer, then make sure they have the majority of the time. Just allow time for food, games and anything else that you have planned.


Having a birthday party for your child doesn’t need to be stressful at all. The key to it is planning well ahead. When we are rushing around, we get ourselves much more stressed out!


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