3 Educational Benefits of Childcare

3 Educational Benefits of Childcare

Whether you are a working or stay-at-home parent, you may benefit from childcare. Well, your child may benefit from it, but you can also reap the rewards. Childcare is a system that allows you time to work or run errands while your child is learning and growing in an environment other than your home. While parents should be their child’s primary teacher, daycare services can help teach and instill knowledge and skills in your children, from newborns to sixth graders. 


From the time a child is born to the time they are five, their brain is 90% developed. With so much to learn during this developmental stage, it can be helpful to rally assistance from childcare groups. Most daycare or childcare services offer lessons and activities for children to help develop their motor skills, memory, and language. 

Developing and refining motor skills happens by playing games, practicing holding a variety of items, and creating a routine of independence. A child’s memory can also mature by playing games and practicing. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, children learn best by playing. When parents and caregivers introduce skills as a game, kids are more likely to learn and recall the knowledge later. 

While playing and practice will help with most skills, language is an ability that requires more routine. Speaking, reading, and singing to your child can help them learn new words and what they mean. Making storytime or singing time a natural part of their day and daycare experience will help them in developing speech and vocabulary. 

School Preparation

Child development is taught at all ages during daycare, preschool or other childcare, and so are other skills to help prepare them for school. Learning to use scissors may be a motor skill, but it also helps prepare them for craft time in the classroom. Further school preparation is taught by introducing kids to the alphabet, counting, and learning shapes and colors. 

Starting from the age of two, most daycares will encourage children to begin reading and writing, first by identifying sight words, and then through books and lessons as they get older. 

Relationship Building

Perhaps one of the most beneficial reasons to utilize childcare is to help your child interact with kids their age and with adults besides their parents. When your child is enrolled in school, they will be packed into a classroom with a bunch of students their same age. While that may seem overwhelming for them, if they have attended a preschool or childcare group they are less likely to feel anxious. Learning with kids their same age can help them improve their social skills like playing, communicating, and getting along with each other. 

Similar to learning from kids their same age, being taught by someone other than a parent or family member can help children prepare for elementary school. Introducing your child to school-like environments early on can help them recognize authority and respect teachers. Having an opportunity to learn from teachers while still in a developmental phase of life can help them practice proper ways to communicate with adults. 


If you want to help your child prepare for elementary school through motor skills, speech and memory development, education, and relationship building, then childcare may be a positive resource for you. Visit a daycare or preschool like loloschildcare.com to learn more about your child’s development and possible childcare options.

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