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Teaching Your Teen About Distracted Driving

Every year thousands of distracted driving accidents occur and while some of them result in a “close call,” others have life-changing consequences. From lawmakers to parents of teen drivers, there


How To Help Your Teen Find the Best Job

Nowadays, many teens begin searching for jobs before they are even eligible to start working. In some areas of the country, teens can begin working at the age of 15.


Travel Tips: Safe Driving with Toddlers & Young Children

From everyday errands, to preschool drop off and doctor’s appointments, parents of young children are destined to be chauffeurs until their tykes are old enough to travel behind the wheel.

Parenting Tips

Here’s What To Look For In Your Next Family Car

Keeping the whole family safe is a huge priority for any parent. That’s why we can be so fussy about the type of car we pick to travel around with


How Technology Is Evolving to Help Parents

The way we bring up our children has both changed in many ways and not changed all that much at all. That is to say that there are many basic


5 Cool Child-Friendly Furniture Items

Pexels.com Do you have young children or are you expecting the pitter-patter of tiny feet sometime soon? Then you might have already considered investing in some child-friendly furniture items. These