Healthy Tips for Helping Your Children This Halloween

Healthy Tips for Helping Your Children This Halloween

Halloween is coming, and we all know what that means. Every house in the neighborhood is going to be handing out candy and your children will be out there collecting it. You don’t want to be the mean parent who says they can’t go trick-or-treating, but you also don’t want your children to be hyped up on sugar until Thanksgiving. So, what do you do?

Thanks to a kids’ dentist in Idaho Falls, we have a list of great tips to share with you to help you and your kids get what they want this Halloween.

Dinner before trick-or-treating

Feed your kids a healthy, well-balanced dinner before they go out on their candy hunting endeavors. Sending them out on a full belly will help limit the snacking they do while they are out. You can make dinner more festive and fun too, like serving pumpkin shaped pizza or stuffed “jack-o-lantern” bell peppers. Show them that Halloween is more than just chomping down candy.

Send them with a water bottle

If your kids are going out walking around the neighborhood, send a water bottle with them. This will keep them hydrated as they run around. It will also help rinse their mouth of any sugars they do decide to consume before they get home.

Choose the right size bag

Get your children a bag for their candy that won’t allow for a year supply of it. Rather than letting them go out with a pillowcase or large grocery bag, choose something that limits the amount of candy they can take. Many people let children grab their own candy when trick-or-treating, so you can tell your child that they will be able to visit more houses if they only take one piece of candy from each house. You can also turn this into a fun activity to prepare for Halloween by picking up some small bags to decorate with your children.

Healthy handouts

Give away healthy handouts to trick-or-treaters who come to your door. As you are preparing for this, your kids will see that you value healthy habits, and it will have an impact on them. And if they come to your door first, their first treat of the night will be a healthy one. Some healthy treats that you can handout include mini water bottles, granola bars, 100% juice boxes, sugarless gum, and Welch’s fruit snacks.  

Teach them to be healthy

Rather than taking your children’s candy away when they walk in the door, teach them about being healthy prior to trick-or-treating. Let them know that a piece of candy every once in a while is okay, but that it shouldn’t all be eaten at one time.

Portion out their candy

If you are concerned that your children will eat their candy all in one go, or too much at a time, use it as a teaching moment and help them learn to eat it at a healthy pace. Keep their candy someplace you have control over it, and let them choose a piece of candy to eat with each meal, or once a day. Decide how often they can have candy; you might even want to let them decide what they think a healthy amount of candy is. Eating a piece of candy with meals is good because the nutrients in their meal can help balance the acidity that the candy causes.

Don’t think that you can’t be the fun parent and the healthy parent. Create a fun environment for your children while taking each moment to teach them how to be healthy.

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