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Fun Ways To Make Sure The Homework Is Done

Homework is a real strain for youngsters when all they want to do is go out and play. You, as a parent, need to make the homework and place they

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4 Signs your Job Is Keeping You From Your Family

As a parent, you have a demanding job. From balancing your work schedule, to keeping your kids schedules moving, to cooking and cleaning, to balancing your free time, being a

Parenting Tips

This Year, Get Your Family Involved In Your Community

It’s 2017. A new year, and a world of new opportunities with which you and your family can build up goodwill with good deeds. In order to instill a sense


The Surprising Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle For Kids

As parents, our children’s health, both in the long and short term, tends to be one of our highest priorities. We want our kids to live long and healthy lives,


Put A Little Effort Into Keeping The Magic Alive For Your Children This Christmas

The day your children stop believing in Santa is a sad one. The loss of magic signifies the loss of innocence in a lot of ways. Children seem to be


How To Help Your Teen Out of Their Dangerous Occupation

Do you have a teenager who has a job? Whether they are in school, or going into college for the first time, a job may be something that is required

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How To Entertain The Entire Family This Christmas

When the Holiday season comes around, there’s a lot more people to entertain near enough 24/7. Whether you’re a new parent or your house has been filled with babies, toddlers,

Parenting Tips

The Importance Of Your Mental Health During Pregnancy: A Guide

Society has an interesting view of pregnancy. It’s meant to be seen as a beautiful, almost spiritual experience, in which the woman is constantly ‘glowing’ and has no complaints. Of

Parenting Tips

What Parents Should Consider Before Purchasing A Teens Smartphone

Teens, Texting, Talking, and… Too much? It’s a growing problem among many teens and their families. Using cell phones when they should not be used. Most of the time, this


Encourage, Keep and Treasure – An Essential Guide To Giving Your Child The Benefits of Crafting

We live in a world where the attention of our children is constantly being demanded. Where kids were once preferred to be seen and not heard, their power has now