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Things to Do By The End Of A Newborns First Year

Now that your newborn is here, you’re prepared to dive into being a parent. You have a car seat ready to go along with a stroller, crib, numerous toys, and


4 After School Potato Activities for Your Kids to Enjoy

What’s the first thing your kids do when they get home from school? Probably grab a snack, right? But how about after that? They probably start looking for something to


Life Skills For Teens & the Summer Jobs Where They Can Learn Them

Summers are great for teens to take a break from studying, but there will be activities where they’re turning to mom and dad for cash. Get your teens excited about


The Importance Of Playing Outside

With the digital age in full swing, kids are frequently playing video games, watching YouTube, watching TV, playing on their phones and tablets. Many of these things, in moderation, can

Parenting Tips

4 Ways to Transform Your Backyard for Family Fun

A backyard should be a fun extension of your home; an outside area where the kids can play and run around. It should be a place where you can relax

Parenting Tips

The Healthiest Snacks To Prepare For Your Children

Healthy snacks aren’t always the easiest or most convenient healthy snacks for children. But they are so important for good health from their little minds to their teeth and down


4 Great Starter Pets for Children

Dogs, and most pets, are man’s best friend. They always have been. And animals do something for people that no other person can. Simply by existing, pets offer their people

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Fun Easter Activites For The Entire Family

Easter is so close, and so fun! It’s a time of new beginnings, bright colors, yummy candies, and a time when families come together to celebrate. There are so many

Parenting Tips

5 Ways To Make Teeth Brushing Fun For Kids

Brushing your teeth can sometimes seem like a tedious chore, one that becomes especially hard when you need to teach your kids to do it. On the other hand, taking

Parenting Tips

5 At Home Workouts To Do With Children

Are you needing some great indoor workouts to do with your kids? Then look no further! It’s hard to find time to work out when you’re a busy parent. But