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4 Things Your Child Should Know to Prepare for College

It’s been a long-time coming, but your baby has finally graduated high school and is getting ready to leave the nest and go to college. You couldn’t be more proud,

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5 Easy Ideas to Teach Your Kids to Cook

One of the great parts of parenting is watching your kids grow and learn and teaching them important life lessons, including how to cook. Luckily, in the beginning, you don’t

Parenting Tips

Protecting Your Child Outdoors in the Summer

No one loves spending the hot summer days outdoors like your children do. Once you are used to the current weather, it’s easy to forget about providing them with protection


Life Lessons You Can Learn from Child Beauty Pageants

It’s likely that you already have an opinion on this article because of its title, and it’s not in the dead center. Girls who participated in these pageants may have

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5 Laid-Back Fourth of July Activities for the Whole Family

Nothing says summer like a hot Fourth of July holiday. It usually comes complete with at least a dozen activities. Communities often have their own celebratory parades, carnivals, and fireworks.

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Quick Summer Crafts for Your Kids

The kids are out of school and before you know it, they’ll be bored and asking you for fun things to do. You may have books, board games, and fun


Common Emergent Care for your Child

As a parent, it doesn’t always matter how much preparation you put into protecting your kids. They will find a loophole that can potentially end in an injury or a

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Ways to Make Vacation Fun for You and Your Kids

We all look forward to vacations until we get there. Then it’s a struggle to keep the kids entertained and under control. There is a lot of advice about where


Safe Driving Habits to Instill into Your Teenager Driver

As parents, we have a difficult time letting our children get behind the wheel. Although they may have passed the appropriate exams, it can still feel like a scary time


6 Life Skills to Teach Your Child

You’ve got 18 years to teach your children everything you can, but somehow it goes by so quickly and every parent gets the feeling that they’ve missed something or could